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Test Duration: 20-30 Minutes

Venue: Canning Town

Valid for: N/A


Full NR Drugs  and Alcohol Screening with Sentinel Upload

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 NR Drugs and
Alcohol Screening                      30 Min                               19 Nov 2022                   6 Places left               £95.00

Results for the Drugs and Alcohol will be uploaded onto your Sentinel card/profile within 72 hours of the event. Should there be any complication in uploading the result, we will endeavour to resolve the matter within 7 working days. Positive samples will lead to a 5-year suspension, notified on your Sentinel profile.

Course Summary

What to Bring On The Day

The Drugs And Alcohol Screening

In order to complete any training or work on the railway, you must first be deemed fit to work (Network Rail Standard NR/L2/OHS/00124 Competence Specific Fitness Medical Requirements). Drugs and alcohol affect people's ability to work safely, which can be a major risk on the railway. Implementing drugs and alcohol screening allows organisations to control the risk of employees being unfit through drugs and/or alcohol whilst at work.

Photo ID - Current Passport/Driving Licence
Sentinel Card (If applicable)

A Network Rail Drugs & Alcohol Screening will need to be completed prior to being enrolled onto any of our safety critical railway courses. The screening will provide you with the required pre-requisites to commence training and work on the railway. The results of the Drugs & Alcohol Screening will be uploaded onto you Sentinel profile.

For the screening, you will need to provide a urine sample for analysis. This sample will then be sent to our RISQS approved UKAS accredited laboratory for testing. If you take medication on a regular basis, please ensure you note the full name of the medication(s) for consideration by the laboratory when analysing the sample.