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Duration: 5 days

Venue: All over Uk

Weekdays & Weekends

Price  £485.00

SMSTS Training delivered by World Class Instructors

Instantly Increase your Managerial & Safety Skills

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Includes official CITB SMSTS training course materials

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Course Overview

The SMSTS course content covers the legislation that impacts upon safe working practice within the construction and civil engineering industries.  It highlights the need for risk assessment in the workplace and the implementation of the hierarchy of control measures, whilst providing guidance to managers in developing and maintaining appropriate health and safety culture within the workplace


The main focus of the SMSTS course content will be a risk assessment and to learn how to work and manage following the regulations stipulated by the Health and Safety at Work Act. Topics that are covered during the five-day training include planning organising monitoring controlling and administering.


  • Health & Safety at Work Act

  • CDM Regulations 2015

  • Risk Assessments

  • Method Statements

  • Scaffolding

  • Excavations

  • Scaffolding

  • Demolition

  • Confined Spaces

  • Site Set-Up

Course Duration
5 Days / 40 Hours


Do not miss a day of work, now weekend courses are also available


Valid for 5 years 


Course Materials
All course materials are provided for the training course. This includes the CITB Construction Site Safety GE700 publication

Training Assessment


 All CITB SMSTS course candidates are required to reach or exceed a minimum level of achievement throughout the course with assessment being determined by


Attendance:  In order to achieve the learning objectives candidates must attend all 5 days, in accordance with the course programme. 


Exercise/Case Study:  Candidates must successfully complete all individual and group exercises/case studies related to the 4 core modules.  Where necessary the tutor will observe/review each candidates performance in order to establish that the necessary skills have been developed as the course progresses.


Examination:  All candidates are required to sit the compulsory examination paper at the end of the course.  The examination informs the overall assessment as to whether individuals have successfully achieved the Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) certificate.  The examination paper consists of 25 questions (20 multiple choice questions and 5 short written questions) and it must be completed in the allotted 30 minutes.  There are 5 safety critical questions in each exam paper which the candidate must answer correctly in order to pass the exam.


On successful completion of the SMSTS course and associated assessment candidates will be awarded the CITB: Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) certificate.  This certificate will remain extant for five years after which the SMSTS refresher course must be undertaken in order for individuals maintain qualification for a further 5 years

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